Abyss (3 act ballet, scenario by the composer, Alfira Akberdina-Margulis, after Maris Karem), 1997

Music for matinee SORRY (text by Alexander Galin), producer Alexander Mansurov, 1997



Initiation, string orchestra, 1998; Play fragment

Ne'mat (concertino), piano, string orchestra, 1998 (section of Bukhara Notebook; may be performed separately);

Abstractions, string orchestra, 1998

Concerto, oboe, orchestra, 1999;

Creatio (symphony), mixed chorus, children voice, organ, orchestra, 2002;

Dard (Scream), string orchestra, 2002

Tiyrok (Lively Piece), 20 strings, 2004

From You, saxophone soprano, string orchestra, 2004

Tendencies (concertino), chang, string orchestra, 2005

Gotcha, piano, saxophone Alt, string orchestra, 2009

Kassacia. For small Orchestra. 2010   Play fragment



Three pieces for string quartet, 1993

Diptych, violin, 1994;

Scherzo, viola, 1994;

Karunka (The Lace), 3 flutes, triangle, 1996

Christmas, string quartet, 1996;

Reminiscence, string quartet, 1996;

Two reminiscences, harp, string quartet, 1997

Alla Passamezzo, oboe, trumpet, cello, harpsichord, percussion, 1997;

La Manfredina, oboe, trumpet, cello, harpsichord, percussion, 1997;

Bahshanda, nay, 'ud, gijak, doyra 1997 (section of Bukhara Notebook; may be performed separately);  

Stream Mood, marimba, 3 vibraphones (1st + tubular bells), 2003;

Whims, piano, percussion, string quartet, 2003; Play fragment

Nachklang,(Repercussion),  chang, 2003;

 Trio, violin, cello, piano, 2004;

Rax (Uzbek Dance), alto saxophone, piano, 2004, Play fragment

Hidden Voices, 4 saxophones, 2004;

The Sounding  of Time, string quartet, 2005;

Three Christmas Carols, brass septet, 2006;

Short things, chang, 2006;

Ghost of the House, chang, teorbo, 2006

Akssado (Divine light), work for mixtures of Western and Eastern instruments, 2007;

Espaces (Space), Mandolin, Harp and Guitar (2007)

Depth perception, ensemble, 2008

Ditty for Emilian, piano trio, 2010

Hallucination I, Soprano saxophone, 2011

Qo´qoncha likeÖ, duduk, 2011

Hallucination II, viola, 2011


 Cycle (text by Afanasij Fet), female choir, 1994

A Notebook from French Poetry (text by Jules Supervielle) mans choir, 1994

Song of Elf (text by John Kits), children choir, piano, 1994

Song (text by Seymaru), mixed choir 1994

Magnificat, mezzo-soprano/alto, female chorus, string orchestra, 1999

Russian Mass I, child's voice/soprano, mezzo-soprano/alto, tenor, bass, mixed chorus, orchestra, 2000 Play fragment

Orthodox Prayers, female voice, mixed chorus, 2000

Te Deum, 2 mixed choruses, organ, orchestra, 2001

Communion Psalms, female chorus, 2001

Ave Regina caelorum, children chorus, 2001

Wisdom Pearls (text by Ahmad Yasavi), mixed chorus, nay, tanbur, doyra, 2002

Lacrimosa, mezzo-soprano, male chorus, 2 French horns, trombone, tenor-bass trombone, tuba,                      string orchestra, 2002                     Play fragment

Darbringung (Offering). (text by Rainer Maria Rilke), male chorus, English horn, percussion, 2002

Missa solemnis, mixed chorus, 2002

Ofiyat (Cleansing), a piece for mixed choir a capella, 2008. Play fragment

Rejoice, a cantata for mixed choir and percussion, 2008  Play fragment

Hohes Lied der Liebe (Canticles), cantata, mezzo-soprano, mixed choir, reader, string orchestra 2009



Triptych (text by Leon de Greiff [translated by Sergei Goncharenko]), soprano, flute, violin, piano, 1992

Cantata (text by Tadeusz Růzewicz [translated by Mikhail P. Kudinov, A. Basilevsky, I. Verstuk, N.Glazkov, L.Cherevichnik]), baritone, large orchestra, 1993

A Notebook from Polish Poetry (texts by Anna Swierczynska, Tadeusz Růzewicz, Miron Bialoszewski [translated by A. Basilevsky, V.Perelmuter, Y.Morits]), female voice, piano, 1993-94

Karunka (The Lace), female voice, 2 flutes, triangle, 1995

Six songs (text by Alexander Blok), female voice, piano, 1995

David's Psalms (song-cycle, texts from Psalm 8), countertenor, string quartet, 1996

Iltijo (Prayer) tenor, 5 percussion, 1996

Invocations, female voice, flute, clarinet, 1996

Musica Humana (text by Jules Supervielle), baritone, flute, violin, guitar, percussion, 1996

Ave Maria (song-cycle, text from the Ave Maria [also Italian, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Polish, English translations), 2 sopranos, 2 mezzo-sopranos, alto, alto flute, oboe, bassoon, French horn, string quartet, double bass, organ, 2 percussion, 1999

Elegy (text by Alexander Pushkin), bas, clarinet, 1999

Hitgalut (Revelation), mezzo-soprano, tenor, flute, 'ud, percussion, string orchestra, 2000 Play fragment

Ave Maris Stella, child's voice/soprano, oboe, chang, string orchestra, 2000 Play fragment

Initium (text by Osip Mandelstam), mezzo-soprano, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, 2001

Three Antiphons (texts from Latin religious sources), mezzo-soprano, trumpet, organ, 2003

Musik der Einsamkeit (Music of loneliness),  (text by Rainer Maria Rilke),                                                      mezzo-soprano, piano,     2003                                                             Play fragment

Augenblicke (Sights), (text by Rainer Maria Rilke), bass, violin, cello, 2003-04

Litanae Laurentanae (text from Latin liturgy), tenor, string orchestra, 2004 Play fragment

The Cantos (text by Daniel Albertson), soprano, chang, violin, cello, 2004 Play fragment

Visionary, soprano, piano, 2004 Play fragment

Gedenkmesse (texts from the Mass, the Song of Solomon [German translations]), soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, bass, clarinet, string quartet, 2004 Play fragment

Augenblick der Seele (Glance of soul), (text by Rainer Maria Rilke), soprano, piano, 2005 Play fragment

Der Weg zur Ewigkeit (Way to eternity), (text by Rainer Maria Rilke) soprano, violin, cello, 2005

Wiegenlied (Lullaby), (text by R.M.Rilke) soprano, piano, 2006 Play fragment

Schrei (Scream), (text by R.M.Rilke) mezzo-soprano, piano, 2006

Ties (text by Daniel Albertson), soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, baritone, piano, 2007

Vom Fluß (From The River),(text by Tina Stroheker) soprano, piano, 2007

Wuensch (The Wish), (text by Tina Stroheker) soprano, piano, 2007

Allegories, text from Davidís Psalm, baritone, large symphonic orchestra, 2007

Roundelay, a piece for contralto, tenor and bass, 2008 Play fragment

The Gospel from St.John. Part1. Cantata for Tenor, Mezzo-Soprano, String-Quartet,                                     Flute, Percussions and Organ.   2007              Play fragment

Lo Sguardo al passato (Look to The Past), text of Francesco Petrarca, mezzo-soprano, duduk, pan flute, kanun, erchu, viola da gamba, double bass, percussion and tape, 2010

Ewige Ruhe II (Eternal Peace), counter tenor and ensemble, 2011



Album pieces for children, 1986

Suit in XII movements, 1986

Sonata, 1988

Sonata, 2 piano, 1998

Heidelberg, 1996

Bukhara, 1997

Heidelberg, 2 piano, 2002

XIII Installations, 2002  Play fragment

Three Christmas Carols, piano in four hands, 2006



Drei kleine Musikstücke für Orgel (three small pieces for organ), 2001

Refractions (über die Chorale Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme) for organ, 2006. Second Prize on the VI International Fanny Mendelssohn Competition, Germany 2006   Play fragment

Schepping (Dutch Creation) a piece for organ on the base of melody of Dutch Psalm 142, 2007 Play fragment

Cheruvimskaya and Ektenia for organ and brass ensemble, 2009

Floraison (Flowering), 2010



Three Japanese Melodies, string orchestra, 1994

Polish Christmas Songs, two female voices, flute, string quartet, 1997

Seven arrangements of Jewish traditional melodies for string and                                                                     symphony orchestras,     2002-2008                                        Play fragment

Through The Ages. Arangement of Sephardic melody                                                                                      "SI VERIAS" for Oud and large Orchestra. 2002       Play fragment

Nani Nani, Arangement of Sephardic melody for Violin Solo and large Orchestra. 2002      Play fragment

The Akathist to the Hail Mary, two female voices, string orchestra, tabular bells, 2005

Alla.  Arangement of Song of Zamira Suyunova for Female voice and String Orchestra, 2012  Play fragment

Yul Bulsin; Arangement of Usbek traditional folk Song for                                                                          Female voice,Tanbur, Doyra and String Orchestra, 2012,                       Play fragment                  





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