First steps in music


Little Polina - daughter of Conductor Victor Medyuylyanov


My first contacts with notes at 5 years old


Photo - Victor Vyatkin (2004)
My friens in Tashkent congratulated me after  performance of my next works in the Catholic Church Tashkent 2002
After the first performance of new works in the Catholic Church Tashkent 2001
My "schoolchild" in Tashkent Uspenskiy Musical Liceum- young composer Lilya Ugay
By rehearsal with my Tchang
My Father Victor Medyulyanov and his Chamber Orchestra (2005)
First Performance of Revelatio (vocalise), mezzo-soprano, tenor, flute, 'ud, percussion, string orchestra in Tashkent (2002)
Photo - Victor Vyatkin (2008)
My parents- pianist and ticher Natalya Gienko and Conductor Victor Medyulyanov
Photo - Victor Vyatkin (2008)
Gaudeamus Music Week 2004, Polina Medyulyanova, Dmitri Kourliandski, Boris Filanovsky and Valery Voronov
Photo - Victor Vyatkin (2008)
Conservatory in Amstrerdam, rehearsal, 2009
Fabio Nieder and Polina Medyulyanova, Amsterdam 2007
Jacques van Oortmerssen and Polina Medyulyanova, organ trip, Paris 2009
Jacques van Oortmerssen and Polina Medyulyanova,  organ lesson, Amsterdam 2007
Francois-Henri Houbart and Polina Medyulyanova, organ trip to Paris 2009
Julia Tamminen, Tania Sikelianou, Polina Medyulyanova after Final Exam in Composition, Haarlem  2007
Joel Bons, Tan Dun, Polina Medyulyanova, Lucas Vis and Wim Hendericks after Workshop with Tan Dun, Conservatory in Amsterdam 2005
Elizabeth Wilson and Polina Medyulyanova after the concert in ..., Italy 2004
Viktor Medyulyanov and Polina Medyulyanova are visiting funerary monument fo Robert and Clara Schumann, Bonn 2009
Yanika Bagranskaya and Polina Medyulyanova, rehearsal in Ev.Emmaus-Church, Berlin 2009
Polina Medyulyanova and Boris Schoenleber after the concert, Bonn 2009
Polina Medyulyanova and Boris Schoenleber in Bremen
DUO Siefert- Medyulyanova
DUO Siefert- Medyulyanova, concert in Ev.Trinitatis-church, Bonn 2011
DUO Sikelianou-Medyulyanova, 2007
DUO Sikelianou-Medyulyanova, rehearsal in Concervatory in Amsterdam, 2007
Polina Medyulyanova and Michael Denhoff, Bonn 2009
Polina Medyulyanova and " Low Levels" in Studio, Amsterdam 2009
by rehearsal in Schumann-Haus Bonn (2009)